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How does The Liberty Rx Prescription Program Work?

As soon as you apply for membership, you will be mailed Liberty's Membership Packet. For Home Delivery prescription service call the toll-free telephone number provided in your Membership Packet. Price your own prescriptions right on this website.

For walk-in prescription service, call the Customer Service number on the back of your Membership Card to locate a nearby participating pharmacy, or use this website to find your local participating chain pharmacies.

We suggest that you take Liberty's Doctor’s Prescribing Guide, included in your Membership Packet, to your doctor’s appointment. It will be helpful to your doctor in selecting medications at the lowest pricing.

Pharmacies, just like other retail stores, compete against each other and may have special prices on some products. When this is the case, Liberty cannot discount the pharmacy’s already low price, but a member will receive the advantage of the pharmacy’s special pricing. As a Team Liberty Benefits member, you will always receive the lower of the contract price or the pharmacy's price.

For drugs taken 90 days or longer, the Home Delivery service generally offers the greatest savings. You can see these prices online at this website. Enrolled members may call the Home Delivery Customer Service toll-free number for assistance.

Does this work with my current insurance plan prescription card?

Simply present your Liberty Rx Card with your insurance card and ask the pharmacist to show you the drug cost for each card. If your prescribed drug is not on the insurance company’s formulary, your co-pay goes away and Liberty saves the day. If you have co-pays, sometimes the co-pay is more than Liberty’s price. If you can buy your prescriptions for 90 days rather than 30, check your co-pays (X3) against the home delivery pricing online. Some insurance plans won’t cover 90 day prescriptions, Liberty saves you significant money on 90 day prescriptions. Check it out.

How soon can I begin using my membership?

As soon as your Membership Packet arrives in the mail, usually 7 to 10 days.

What payment options are available?

You have options of: Bank Draft to Checking or Savings Accounts; Credit Cards - VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express; You may use debit cards with a VISA or MASTERCARD logo. Payroll deduction may be available through your employer.

How can I obtain a 90 day supply of my prescriptions?

Mail or fax to Liberty Home Delivery your doctor’s prescription for a 90 day supply.

Where can I use my Liberty Rx card?

This card is accepted at over 98% of U.S. pharmacies. The network includes pharmacy chains as well as thousands of independent pharmacies throughout the United States. Pharmacy location information can be obtained by contacting Liberty's customer service department.

If a neighborhood pharmacy is not already participating in this network, please have them call. Liberty will send them information about how they can participate in the network so that you can take advantage of the savings as soon as possible.

Home Delivery is an ideal way to realize the greatest savings on your medications. Information on how to order will be included in your membership materials. Live customer service via a toll free number is also available to assist you.

Buy your medications with your Liberty Rx Plan. In 2008 LibertyRx members saved an average of 40.2% at the Pharmacy and up to 70% through the Liberty Home Delivery service.

There is a one-time enrollment fee of $30. and then you and your immediate family is covered and can save on prescriptions through LibertyRx for the monthly membership of only $30.00 .. Add this into the price you pay for drugs from LibertyRx. Then compare this figure to the amount you have been paying elsewhere every month for prescription meds to fully appreciate your savings.

About Team Liberty Benefits

Team Liberty Benefits is one of the pioneers in the field of Consumer Driven Health Plans. TLB is entering its second decade offering prescription savings.

As a TLB member, there is never an age restriction, deductible, monthly limit, claims forms, limit on use, waiting period or medical approval questionnaires. Liberty's services and nationally negotiated prices are available to anyone actively enrolled.

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