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To enjoy these savings on your prescribed medications you need to become a LibertyRx Member. Membership is open to everyone regardless of age. Upon joining, you will be given the toll-free telephone number to our LibertyRx U.S. pharmacists who can confirm to you the costs of filling each of your prescribed home-delivered medications.

The monthly Membership fee is $30.00 and there is a one-time $30 application fee added to the first month's payment. The monthly fee covers LibertyRx savings on medications prescribed by a licensed physician for you, your spouse and dependent children.

To become a LibertyRx Member follow this simple process:

QUESTION: Why enroll by phone rather than just fill in the online form?
ANSWER: Personal service. We have found that new Members appreciate having someone who is experienced with LibertyRx discuss their personal situation, provide them with full information on how to best use this unique resource, and be available to them in the future, if necessary.

Phone number for enrollment in LibertyRx: (800) 998-2523

Enroll by phone to receive personal service, or -

Submit an Online Application

After enrolling online, we suggest that you follow-up with a toll-free call to:

  1. Please have a pen or pencil and paper handy when you call. We will give you pharmacy information, including toll-free phone and fax numbers. We will also give you tips on how best to use the LibertyRx pharmacy to economically meet your own needs.

  2. If you use email, please have your email address written down in order to give it to us accurately, together with your postal mailing address and phone number. The Membership fee can be paid by credit or debit card or a bank account number.

  3. You will be emailed your Membership number promptly which you will need when speaking with the pharmacy. If you do not use email, we will be glad to phone your Membership number to you.

  4. If you wish to enroll by mailing a check or money-order, let us know and we will give you easy-to-follow instructions. We can send you an application, if you wish. You will receive your Membership number after your application and payment have been received and processed.

A Membership packet will be sent to your home address, to be received in 7-10 days. This includes useful information. It contains your LibertyRx Membership cards and the discount card which can be used for immediate service at local pharmacies will be included.

We welcome your call letting us know that you are enrolling in LibertyRx.

If you have any questions about LibertyRx, please don't hesitate to ask.

Stewart Ogilby
National Director
(800) 998-2523.

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